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On an August afternoon, pre-GBBF, two of us met in Victoria Station’s Spoons and prepared ourselves for the day ahead with a solid pint of Adnam’s Ghost Ship. Whilst talking about which beers we wanted to try and figuring out a strategy which would ensure we could remember each, we stumbled upon an idea. We should chronicle this. Sessions are not the best thing for memory after all and with our friend the internet, MFBR was born.

Having been looking at beer reviews for a while, one thing had become very obvious. They were drier than a triple-hopped IPA.

The beer community in the UK is full of really passionate, amazing people. The problem I found was that the majority of beer reviews were all much of a muchness and pre-explosion of Craft Beer the whole Real Ale scene was seen to be reserved only for “beards and bellies” – generally, the older folks amongst us.

I’ve never been a fan of lager and always opted for a decent bitter and thus my cousin, Simon, and I set out to create a library of irreverent and engaging beer reviews.

Building a beer blog

The first iteration of MFBR was my first foray into a completely hand-built WordPress theme, and as such, it wasn’t too attractive and had a few bugs here and there – but at that point we were more focused on the fun of finding new beers and writing about them. After a little while though, a lot of conversations on Twitter and an invite to a few events it was time to step up the beer game.

I did a bit of research and quizzed some friends and Twitter-folk then rebranded and began to look at different types of content, too. This is where the #Beerographic was born. MFBR had gone multimedia. Since then it has grown into events reports, interviews, beer and bar reviews, infographics, being featured on a few podcasts… The list goes on. It took a bit of a hiatus but as of April 2016 I’ve resolved to get back into it.

Head over to have a look, give us a follow and try some really great beer!


What’s involved?

And drinking lots of great beer, of course.

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